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About us

The Ternopil ethno-museum “Goat Dereza” is a modern cultural and business project that offers the author’s design of Ukrainian traditional hand-made decorative things from environmental materials. Western Ukraine, and especially Ternopil region, is a treasury of memory and beauty of our country. The preservation of folk traditions, their cultivation and development are firmly associated with this magnificent savage. Masterpieces of arts and crafts are the first evidence of this. But not only in ethnographic museums one can be convinced that Galicia has historically been and is the legislator of ethnology. Modern masters of Ternopil are powerful carriers and active creators in the field of Ukrainian traditional crafts and arts. The positive cultural image of our Motherland, both abroad and inside the country, creating the products of the masters of “Kozi Derezya”, makes the project mostly socio-cultural, rather than business. After all, profit is measured not so much money, but humanistic component and maximum program: “Ukraine’s share in every home”.

The ethno-workshop “Koza-Dereza” is a Ternopil trademark. We produce:
  • – women’s, men’s and children’s ethnic clothes
  • – original jewelry-beads and semiprecious stones
  • – bags and purses
  • – handmade toys
  • – decoration items
Visitors to the workshops have the opportunity to go through specially designed master classes. Learn to weave, embroider, work on beading machines, paint toys. On master classes you can register by phone ethno-workshop 0352 47 55 00 (Mon-Fri 10: 00-19: 00). The timetable is constantly updated on our page facebook “Koza-Dereza” is represented in many cities of Ukraine. Look for Kozu-Derez in your city!

Environmental certificate

We closely monitor the trends in environmental product safety, to protect you from the harmful effects of harmful substances. Our products have an ecological certificate issued by the Product Certification Body of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Living Planet” regarding the compliance of our products with the safety requirements for textile and wooden products.

“Socio-cultural institution of ART-fabrication”

In order to carry out socially important non-commercial activities, in 2017, we established the public organization “Socio-cultural institution ART-fabrication”, the purpose of which is the development of social and cultural industries in Ukraine; development and deepening of international socio-cultural relations. Among the main activities of the activity is assistance in raising the social and cultural level of the population by organizing, conducting or supporting local, regional, national and international social and cultural events, including exhibitions, fairs, festivals, master classes, open workshops, seminars, conferences, discussion panels, platforms, lectures, interdisciplinary and interactive projects, non-profit charitable events and promotions, etc.

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