Help Us Unblock UK Humanitarian Aid!

Sign our UK Houses of Parliament petition calling for a debate and changes to UK Charity law to enable trustees not to be criminalised and more aid to Ukraine.

The illegal russian invasion in Ukraine has caused a devastating humanitarian crisis. Charities play a vital role in delivering life-saving aid, but UK charity law is creating unnecessary barriers.

Current UK charity law restricts charities from providing medical aid or supplies that could directly or indirectly benefit a foreign armed force. (which we have been accused of by the UK Charity commision) This creates a problem for charity trustees, and is awful that we should have to stipulate this when dealing with Hospitals & Charities in Ukraine.

Our charity, dedicated to supporting Ukraine, has faced repeated rejections from the Charity Commission. They cite various concerns about indirect support for Ukrainian defense forces, even though our focus is on civilian medical aid. This highlights the need for a clearer legal framework and allowances for UK allies.
Support Ukrainian lives: Clearer laws will allow charities to deliver vital aid without fear of criminalisation.

Stand with our ally: Ukraine is fighting for freedom and democracy, and we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Unleash the power of UK charity: Let's remove legal roadblocks for many UK Ukraine focused groups and enable charities to ramp up to do their best work.

Sign our petition: Demand changes to UK charity law that allow support for allied forces in defensive conflicts. Sign on the Houses of parliament site.

Spread the word: Share this post with your friends and family on social media.

Contact your MP: Let them know you support this petition and charities helping Ukraine. Find your MP

We will win together, and we can ensure aid reaches those who need it most. Let's unblock humanitarian aid and stand with Ukraine!

#WeStandWithUkraine #SupportUKCharities #ChangeUKCharityLaw

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